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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So today I am bringing you my famous and super easy chicken and broccoli casserole! This recipe is great because you can adjust the amount of everything to your liking without measuring one thing. You can also prep this meal  ahead of time and have it ready for when you get home from work and just pop it in the oven!

What you will need:
-Cubed cooked (boiled) chicken about 2 cups or so depending on how much chicken you prefer.
-Steamed broccoli. I usually get those bags of broccoli that you just throw in the microwave and it steams itself. 1 bag is usually good enough.
-Cooked rice. This is the filling of the dish so you want to make sure you make enough to fill up your casserole dish.
- 2 cans of cream of broccoli or cream of chicken soup (add according to how much you make and how creamy you prefer it to be).
-Shredded cheddar cheese

-Mix all ingredients in your casserole dish, except for the cheese and breadcrumbs.
-Sprinkle your cheese all over the top of your mixture and then a bit of breadcrumbs on top of that
-Make sure your oven is preheated at 350 degrees and cook until cheese is melted and bubbly.
-Take out of oven and enjoy!

Is this something that you would try or have you ever tried anything simmilar?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sew Free Hem!!

I'm sure you have bought curtains recently only to get home and discover that you needed them shortened. If you are anything like me then you don't even know where to start with using a sewing machine. So here is my quick, easy, and effective way to hem curtains.

What you need:



-hot glue gun

-glue sticks

-clothespins or pen/marker


What to do:

- Measure your curtain to the desired length
-Mark the length with you clothespins or pen
-Cut the curtain about 2inches below the desired length (cut does not need to be perfectly straight, but try to get it as straight as possible)
-Fold the bottom of the curtain up so your "desired length mark" becomes the crease of the fold (the bottom of the curtain)
-Run your glue along the crease and work your way across and up the extra material

All done!

How simple is that? And I have done this with a few curtains around the house and they have all held up.


Extra tips:

- Transform old or unwanted shower curtains into window curtains with the same hem method, just cut it down the center first, hem that cut; then hem it up to desired length

-Use curtains to add color to walls or to hide unsightly items.


How do you hem your curtains?!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The World Has Been Waiting For You!

Welcome to the World

Today is definitely a day I and many others are going to remember for the rest of our lives. Today my beautiful little niece is going to enter the world and I can not wait to meet her. Yes, my sister Melissa is going to welcome her and her husband's first child into the world and we are all super excited to say the least.
With that said I hope you can all keep her in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes as smooth as possible and that mommy and baby are happy and healthy.
This week is going to be a bit busy for us over here but we promise to keep you updated and show you some pictures ASAP.
Now lets go have this baby!!!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Myth Busters

I thought it would be fun to elect myself and my sister to be your friendly little test dummies and try out some of the latest trends in health and beauty to let you know how well they work.

I am a sucker for good ads and infomercials, if you tell me a magic shake can make me drop 5 pounds in 5 days, you can count me in!

With all of the products out there it is hard to differentiate which will work and which will just empty your wallet, so instead of wasting your time and money, Tori and I will put these products to the test.

Each month we will try out products and let you know which ones rise to the challenge and which ones are a flop.
Please help us by getting involved and letting us know what products you want tested!


Hey ladies and gents! It's Tori! Don't you love how my sister volunteers me to be a guinea pig too?! Hehe. I'm just dropping by today to let you know that we have added tons of new and adorable items to the Cupcakes & Crossbones store. So stop by and take a peek around and let us know what items your and loving!


Friday, March 21, 2014

So Fresh And So Clean!

Not to long ago I began getting more interested in cleaning with all natural cleaning products. I mean, why not? All natural cleaning products are not only safe for the environment but safe for you as well (and inexpensive!!). So today I am here to share with you a few recipes that I created just in time for Spring cleaning that worked like a charm.

1.) All Natural Pledge
-2 tsp olive oil
-1 tsp lemon juice
-1/4 cup white vinegar
-1 cup warm water
shake it up well in a spray bottle (which you can find at the dollar store) and clean away!

2.) All Natural Wrinkle Release Spray
-Mix equal parts fabric softener, white vinegar, and water in a spray bottle
-Spray fabric and slightly pull on fabric. Watch the wrinkles fall right out.

3.) All Natural Oxy Clean
-Mix 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
-1/2 cup baking soda
-1 cup hot water
Soak clothes in the mixture overnight and stains will be gone!

4.) All Natural Glass Shower Door Cleaner
-Cut a lemon in 1/2 and dip it in a bowl of kosher salt
Start scrubbing and watch all that soap scum disappear!

5.)Amazing Shower Cleaner
This one is my favorite and is amazing to see how clean you can get your tub!
-Mix equal part white vinegar and dawn blue soap in a spray bottle.
-Spray it all over your shower and let it sit for 2 hours. Wipe clean.

6.)Grout Cleaner
-1/2 cup of baking soda
-1/4 cup vinegar
Mix together in a small cup. Use a toothbrush to apply paste to grout and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse off.

There you have it. My favorite DIY all natural cleaning products.

Have you ever tried any of these before? What are your favorite all natural cleaners?


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stand Out From The Crowd!


I am sure you have all been to plenty of baby showers and you either look forward to or dread the opening of the gifts.
Clothes are cute... Blankets are fun, but here are a few things that I received that I thought were truly unique.

1. A gift certificate for a baby photo shoot- With all of the planning that I've been doing this is something I completely overlooked, but am so glad that I received it! Now my lil girl has her star moment all set up for the week she arrives home (I will be sure to share these pics).

2. A gift certificate for shutterfly- If you aren't familiar with shutterfly or snapfish, check them out online. They are great ways to upload baby pics, and make photobooks, calendars, mugs, "thank-you" cards, etc. for you and your family.

3. A red wagon filled with gifts!- So much fun, and so cute!

4. To spice up the clothing gift, why not display them in a unique way?
What you will need;
-your favorite outfits
-a baby hamper
-some clothespins
-a clothesline

How to assemble:
Hang your clothes on the line (like you would if you were to hanging them out to dry), fold the clothes into the hamper, leave one end hanging out with directions to "pull here".

The mom-to-be may need help opening this gift, but that's what makes it fun and is sure to get all the guests attention.

5. Diaper cakes- All new moms need diapers and this is a great way to display them

6. If it's a baby girl, headband stations at the shower are a way to get the guests involved and moving around.
What you need:
-hot glue gun
-felt- use the felt to put behind the flower so you aren't gluing the headband to itself
P.S. A tip for moms who don't like being the center of attention- have guests bring the gifts unwrapped and instead of opening them, line the gifts up on a table (with cards by each stating who brought them). This gives guest the opportunity to look through the great new gifts at their own pace and gets mom off the hook with the awkward Oooooing n Ahhhhing. Plus it can help save on wrapping paper n gift bags :)

What are some creative gifts that you have given or recieved at a baby shower?!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Face Time

Now how many of you have a skin care routine that you proceed to do on a nightly basis? I do! I am totally OCD when it comes to my night time face care ritual. Although I do have the occasional breakout here and there I feel as though I have finally reached a point where I have found my personal skin care balance. Even though I am always looking for new products, tips, and tricks, this is what is working for me now.

Step 1:

The first thing I do before anything is remove my eye make up with Renewal eye make up remover. Even though it is a Rite Aid store brand, I love this eye make up remover because it is not greasy like most and really wipes away all eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner in a breeze.

Step 2:
This is the most important step and something that should be done every single night if you choose to do any of these steps and that is to wash your face! This is so important! It is so bad for your skin if you go to bed with make up on. It clogs your pores which leads to break outs and even enlarged pores which none of us want! Be sure to cleanse your face daily (I like to do it once in the morning and once at night) to remove any dirt, make up, and impurities.

At the moment I am using a great face wash by L'oreal called Go 360 Clean deep facial cleanser. This face wash is perfect for sensitive skin and comes with a little scrub brush so that you can deep clean. Not only is this a great cleanser but it also minimizes pores, and smooths skin.

Now I know we all have those lazy nights and times when we come home late and all you want to do is jump into bed and catch some z's. In that case it is always good to have facial wipes. These babies are a great way to clean up quick and not feel guilty for going to bed with all that make up and yuck left on your face from the day. Right now my favorite wipes can be found at Target. They are from up & up and come as a regular facial towelette or as an exfoliating towelette. These wipes are great because they are the first ones that I have used that don't leave a sticky residue feeling behind. They make my face feel amazingly clean and fresh and keep my skin blemish free!

Step 2:
Next step following facial cleansing is moisturizing. It is very important to moisturize your skin as dry skin leads to a loss of elasticity which means...wrinkles. I have been using Roc Retinol Correction Night Cream for sensitive skin. This stuff is awesome! It is light, totally hydrates my skin, and doesn't have that greasy feeling that most night creams are famous for.

Step 3:
My next must to my night time routine is my Garnier Ultra Lift Anti - Wrinkle Eye Roller. This stuff is great for de puffing your eyes and keeping those crows feet far far away. As the skin under your eyes is the most sensitive skin on your face it is very important to treat that skin carefully and prevent wrinkles before they start to appear.

Step 4:
Chapstick! My final step is a little lip moisturizing. EOS sweet mint lip balm all the way baby! It is soothing, fresh, and I rely on it daily!
And there you have it! My daily night routine, and although it does take a bit of time it is totally something that is worth doing for yourself in the long run!
What is your night time routine? Any products that you recommend?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Do Beers and Diapers Have In Common?

I know you are all familiar with baby showers, but have you heard of the new trend Mommies and Daddies to be are pickin up on? This trend can not only save you a ton of money but it will get Daddy to be involved in the baby prepping department too.  This is what we like to call a Diaper Party.

So what is a diaper party? A diaper party is an informal party for dad and his male friends and family. Rather than bringing gifts each guest is requested to bring a package of diapers. In return the host promises to provide alcohol and yummy food! Who can say no to that?! My husband's party was held in the evening at a local bar. This party not only served as a way to rack up diaper packages, but it was also a final hoorah for the husband before the baby gets here. We kept it simple with some pulled pork in the crockpot, some rolls, a few trays of baked ziti and a homemade cake.
 Beer + food, what more do guys need?

Simple to plan, and the picture below is what we came home with. 

Umm....score!!!! A good night with great people and a closet full of diapers...you would be silly not to do it!
P.S. If the weather cooperates why not through a BBQ at home? Some beers in the fridge and some burgers on the grill and call it a day. The best part is that these are guys we are talking about....no need to stalk pinterest for decor ideas because chances are, they won't even notice the decor =P Beer, food, done!
Have you been to or thrown a diaper party?


Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome To Our Blog! Meet The Writers!

Hi All! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Here at Cupcakes & Crossbones we sure did, as we were gearing up for today's launch of our lifestyle blog mentioned HERE. As mentioned before we want to give you nothing but the best and 110% of ourselves. We want you all to be a part of this growing community and get to know each and every one of you better. So with that said, I would like to introduce you to the two writers of this blog and encourage you to ask any questions, introduce yourself, and welcome you to the Cupcakes & Crossbones community.

Tori, Melissa


Please meet Melissa

Hello all, I'm Melissa and along with my sister I plan on bringing you great ideas and tips to help make your everyday life just a little bit more simple. This blog will be a challenge for myself, and I would love your support and feedback through this journey. I'm currently 9 months pregnant with my first child, I have a husband, a dog, a home, and a full-time job. During my pregnancy I have had so many people telling me how difficult life will be after a child- "You'll never sleep again, you'll never eat a warm/home cooked meal again, get use to your house being a mess..." etc. I want to prove to myself that this doesn't need to be the case. I don't know for sure, because I am not yet a mother, but I'm convinced that with some planning and organization my life doesn't need to be turned upside down. Instead I can bring a child into a clean, structured home.... Wish me luck!!



Please meet Tori

Hi everybody! What a pleasure it is to meet you all! I am the owner/designer over at the Cupcakes & Crossbones store and also one of the writers here on the Cupcakes & Crossbones lifestyle blog. I am so thrilled to not only be show casing our latest and greatest items and sweet promotions, but also fill you in on home care tips and tricks, DIY projects, mouth watering recipes, and so much more! Together with Melissa, we plan on helping you make your life easier and we are here to answer any questions that you have. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about me too and I will be glad to answer. I hope you all enjoy our blog and don't forget to check us out here:
Bloglovin: HERE
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Instagram: HERE
Till next time!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Exciting News!!!!

Hello All! Boy do I have a special surprise for you today!
As owner of Cupcakes & Crossbones clothing boutique I want nothing more than to provide you all with the best services and product imaginable. As our company continues to grow on a daily basis we are always looking for fun and inovative ways to connect with our family (aka YOU!). With that said we have made a huge decission. Rather than this blog site containing only news about our store, we would like to expand and get a little more personal with you. Starting Monday I would like to introduce you to our new and improved blog!

Balloons with a touch of glitter #glitterme

Our blog will not only cover news from the store but also touch on everything from being a first time mommy, to yummy recipes, to ways to fit time into that busy schedule of yours, and DIY's! Yes, this blog will officially become not only the place to find out the latest and greatest news about www.cupcakesandcrossbones.com but a place to also share our lifestyle, support, and build eachother up, help eachother with ideas, and motivate eachother to be the best we can be!
To say that I am excited about this venture is quite the understatement! This is something that I know we all will enjoy. I am so looking forward to hearing everyones input, opinions, and getting to know you all better!
As mentioned before, Monday we will kick off this new and improved blog. You will be introduced to the writers of the blog and have the opportunity to ask any and all questions that you may have!
So stay tuned and don't forget...Monday March 17th, this is the place to be. See you then!

Tori G
Owner of Cupcakes & Crossbones

New Season And A Special Announcement!

Hello All!! We hope you are all doing well and enjoying this Monday morning. Today we are asking you....our favorite people! What do YOU want to see in this years spring/summer collection at www.cupcakesandcrossbones.com ? We are all set and ready with most of our product that we are planning on revealing within the next two weeks, yet there is always room to add more product! We are looking forward to hearing what you are excited to see, yet in the mean time, here is a sneak peek at some of the great things to come!

What do you think?! Cute huh?!

Also...before we forget...We have some exciting news to share later on this week so be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for all of the latest and greatest promotions!!

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The Cupcakes & Crossbones Family
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