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Sew Free Hem!!

I'm sure you have bought curtains recently only to get home and discover that you needed them shortened. If you are anything like me then you don't even know where to start with using a sewing machine. So here is my quick, easy, and effective way to hem curtains.

What you need:



-hot glue gun

-glue sticks

-clothespins or pen/marker


What to do:

- Measure your curtain to the desired length
-Mark the length with you clothespins or pen
-Cut the curtain about 2inches below the desired length (cut does not need to be perfectly straight, but try to get it as straight as possible)
-Fold the bottom of the curtain up so your "desired length mark" becomes the crease of the fold (the bottom of the curtain)
-Run your glue along the crease and work your way across and up the extra material

All done!

How simple is that? And I have done this with a few curtains around the house and they have all held up.


Extra tips:

- Transform old or unwanted shower curtains into window curtains with the same hem method, just cut it down the center first, hem that cut; then hem it up to desired length

-Use curtains to add color to walls or to hide unsightly items.


How do you hem your curtains?!



  1. I love this idea. I have a sewing machine but i hate pulling it out sometimes. They have iron hem tape that would really well to.


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