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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So today I am bringing you my famous and super easy chicken and broccoli casserole! This recipe is great because you can adjust the amount of everything to your liking without measuring one thing. You can also prep this meal  ahead of time and have it ready for when you get home from work and just pop it in the oven!

What you will need:
-Cubed cooked (boiled) chicken about 2 cups or so depending on how much chicken you prefer.
-Steamed broccoli. I usually get those bags of broccoli that you just throw in the microwave and it steams itself. 1 bag is usually good enough.
-Cooked rice. This is the filling of the dish so you want to make sure you make enough to fill up your casserole dish.
- 2 cans of cream of broccoli or cream of chicken soup (add according to how much you make and how creamy you prefer it to be).
-Shredded cheddar cheese

-Mix all ingredients in your casserole dish, except for the cheese and breadcrumbs.
-Sprinkle your cheese all over the top of your mixture and then a bit of breadcrumbs on top of that
-Make sure your oven is preheated at 350 degrees and cook until cheese is melted and bubbly.
-Take out of oven and enjoy!

Is this something that you would try or have you ever tried anything simmilar?



  1. This sounds really good. I have had something similar but with ziti instead of rice.


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