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Exciting News!!!!

Hello All! Boy do I have a special surprise for you today!
As owner of Cupcakes & Crossbones clothing boutique I want nothing more than to provide you all with the best services and product imaginable. As our company continues to grow on a daily basis we are always looking for fun and inovative ways to connect with our family (aka YOU!). With that said we have made a huge decission. Rather than this blog site containing only news about our store, we would like to expand and get a little more personal with you. Starting Monday I would like to introduce you to our new and improved blog!

Balloons with a touch of glitter #glitterme

Our blog will not only cover news from the store but also touch on everything from being a first time mommy, to yummy recipes, to ways to fit time into that busy schedule of yours, and DIY's! Yes, this blog will officially become not only the place to find out the latest and greatest news about www.cupcakesandcrossbones.com but a place to also share our lifestyle, support, and build eachother up, help eachother with ideas, and motivate eachother to be the best we can be!
To say that I am excited about this venture is quite the understatement! This is something that I know we all will enjoy. I am so looking forward to hearing everyones input, opinions, and getting to know you all better!
As mentioned before, Monday we will kick off this new and improved blog. You will be introduced to the writers of the blog and have the opportunity to ask any and all questions that you may have!
So stay tuned and don't forget...Monday March 17th, this is the place to be. See you then!

Tori G
Owner of Cupcakes & Crossbones


  1. That is exciting news! Can't wait to see more!


  2. Very exciting and March 17th is my birthday.Good luck!

  3. Awesome!!
    Glad you're progressing so much with your blog and shop, I need to do the same!! Haha. Lovely shop by the way. c:

    Thanks for joining in on the Let's be Friends Blog Hop!



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