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The Good Update

The overwhelming amount of positive feedback received in regards to moving forward with Cupcakes and Crossbones 2020 and Monday's article has been so incredibly positive. I could not be more grateful for those who have reached out with their incredible words of encouragement as well as the amazing conversation that was had with both new friends and old. Today Cupcakes and Crossbones is bringing you some great news. One of the current goals of the site is to update you regularly on some of the wonderful things going on with some of your favorite artists and bands and what they are doing to help make this world a better place and "shine their light."

Shinedown has recently decided to make available a never-before-heard song "Atlas Falls," which will benefit Direct Relief, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization that is currently working to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items, including protective masks, exam gloves and isolation gowns, to U.S. and international health workers. The song is available now for download with the purchase of a special T-shirt. 100 percent of proceeds will go to Direct Relief.

"I have always said and believe to be true that music can heal us all. We need music, and each other, now more than ever as we all are witnessing a global pandemic unlike anything we have ever seen in many generations. Myself, Barry, Zach, Eric, and our Shinedown family want the entire world to know that we are in this together, and we must all do our part and continue to encourage love, respect and taking care of each other. Now is the time to put our differences aside so that we can truly lift each other up. We have partnered with an incredible organization Direct Relief who are doing important work globally to help the medical community receive the resources they need in order to save lives. Years ago during the writing and recording of the Amaryllis album there was a song that meant a great deal to me and the band titled "Atlas Falls." Although the song did not make the album, I always felt that one day the world would hear it...It has never been more clear to me than right now that the time has come for 'Atlas Falls' to arrive," says Shinedown front man Brent Smith.

Click here to purchase the T-shirt and download "Atlas Falls." Shinedown has also decided to donate $20,000 of their own funds to Direct Relief. For more information on Direct Relief's response efforts, please click here.

If you know someone who is doing what they can to make a difference please send a message this way by clicking here, where you can find all the ways to get in touch with Cupcakes and Crossbones.