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Shine Your Light

After trashing my originally scheduled article for today (which was intended to be the launch of Cupcakes and Crossbones 2020 Summer Festival and Concert announcements) I went back and forth with the idea of holding off on posting anything until all of this craziness subsides. After much consideration it was decided that Cupcakes and Crossbones will push through and continue, especially now.

It's been made extremely clear that many of us have been living in a fog and taking for granted the people, things and situations that mean the most to us. Now more than ever it's time to really focus on what's important. Now more than ever is the time to get back to basics! What is life to you? What is it that gives you life?

All you have to do is turn on the TV or go on social media to see that this world is filled with both terrifying situations and at times absolutely breathtaking and magical moments. We may never know when our time is up but we do know that right now at this precise moment we have the opportunity to change our future. Decide what you want your life to look like and take full responsibility for the choices that you make. Take a long hard look at your life and what you want it to look like moving forward because only YOU have the ability to change the bad habits that have been hindering your growth and holding you back for all these years. Only YOU have the ability to start building your future RIGHT NOW. You may never feel like doing what is difficult and you may hate stepping out of your comfort zone, but the moment you push through these feelings is the precise moment that you as a human being win. Believe in yourself, believe that there is still good in the world, believe that you have gifts and talents that were given to you for a reason and believe that you are here on this earth for a purpose. Even if that purpose is anything from making just one person smile today to finding the cure to one of the world's biggest medical mysteries. From teaching others how to find what happiness means to them to creating and inspiring another individual. Whatever that purpose is, as long as you are living it you are helping make this world a better place. Believe in yourself and your ideas and disregard excuses. Inside of every human being is a light, that human being decides to dim that light or let it shine. It is time right now for us all to let our light shine.

I started Cupcakes and Crossbones because I wanted to get fans up close with the people they admired the most because I always knew the power of music and the arts. It heals. Music and all forms of art is a healing process not only for the artist but for those who's lives they bring their art into.

Why when you hear a song does it take you back years ago driving through your neighborhood with the windows down on a spring day? Close your eyes, you can still smell the fresh cut grass, feel the warm sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair, can't you? Why does that one song help us realize that we've been in a situation a lot longer than we should have been or have been holding onto something for all the wrong reasons? Why can music make us feel the most intense feelings of love and also get us choked up with the most gut wrenching feelings of heartbreak and loss? It is because through song and music we are able to express and feel the things we are unable to express and feel otherwise. We are able to mutually feel the same thing at the same moment as someone else because for one moment we feel safe to feel vulnerable because someone understands us, because someone is listening to us. This is why art and music and writing can make so much of an impact on everything and everyone; because it is the one language we all speak universally and is one of the ways we can mutually raise each other's vibrations, especially during times of darkness. Our feelings and our light will light the way for others and in the process guide us on our own journey of self discovery. Through this journey we will hurt and love and cry and laugh and feel because we have been blocking these feelings for so long and pushing them aside. It is time to push through the dark and once we get through the struggle and uncomfortable growing pains, the other side will be the most beautiful site we have ever seen and all things will make sense. Things will make more sense than you thought possible. The people you met, the situations you've been in, everything will all come together as long as we stay on path with positive intentions set in our mind and in our hearts.

This is why I want to continue with Cupcakes and Crossbones. I want to continue because it is so important for us all to stay connected right now with a positive mindset and push through. I want to still be able to share with you the talent that surrounds us everyday and let you know that you are not alone, even in the times where we are feeling most isolated.

With that said, please know that this message is sent to you with love and as a reminder to stay strong and keep your "light" on for yourself and keep your light on for each other, because that is what will get us through the darkest times.

I will keep you updated on what's to come with Cupcakes and Crossbones as we navigate through this time and I will still do what I can to keep you connected and up to date with all things that rock and put a smile on your face. Also, if there is anything or anyone you want to see specifically, you are always welcome to reach out here, through email or on social media.