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Break Out Of Your Shy Shell

When we first posted our How To Get What You Want From Your Career article we received a few comments in regards to people being shy, networking, and confidence. So today we are bringing you some tips and tricks on how to boost your confidence and break out of your shell!

Our first shell breaking tip is to build your confidence and know your strengths. 
Everyone has a strength and below you can see some examples of this broken down to get you thinking and build your strength list.

Download, share and print this card by heading here.

Knowing your strong points will help you promote them as well as yourself.

Next it's time to stop doing certain things that we sometimes do unintentionally.

1. Stop doubting yourself -Doubt is the number one dream killer. Never doubt yourself and your potential.
2. Stop your fear of failure- The only failure is never trying at all. Try your hardest, learn from your mistakes, and continue building yourself from there. 
3. Stop negative thinking- Negativity brings you down. Think positive, be positive in your thoughts of you and the future, and surround yourself with positive thinkers too!
4. Stop destructive relationships- Destructive relationships make a mess not only of your life in general but also puts a huge halt to your success. Make sure your relationships are strong, positive, and beneficial for all involved. The people in your life should help lift you up and build confidence, not bring you down.
5. Stop criticizing yourself an others- This is negativity again, and who wants negativity in their life?
6. Stop gossiping- I never understood gossiping, it always comes back around and bites you right in the ass anyways. Break the cycle, stop the gossip!
7. Stop being fearful- If someone else can achieve their goals there is no reason you can't. "Fake it till you make it" comes into play here. People are fearful all the time but some of the most successes people people have achieved come from them pushing themselves past being fearful and just doing it. 
8. Stop feeling as though you need to please everyone- You need to be you and do what is right for you. Part of breaking out of your shell is about not caring what others think of the true, real, you! You should never feel like you need to be a certain way just to please other. Be you, they will love you, and if they don't...their loss!

How do you break out of your shy shell?



  1. great tips - totally agree with gossiping and criticising others.

    1. Thanks! Yes, gossiping and criticizing yourself and others is def something people need to work on doing less of!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! If we doubted ourselves less and stopped letting fear control us it's amazing the things we can achieve!

  3. Love that strengths worksheet. It can be so easy to forget that everyone has something going for them!!

    xx 365Hangers

    1. So true! We all have a strength, it's just a matter of finding it and acknowledging it.

  4. This is a great list!!! And I agree about the gossiping. Just wrong!

    1. Thanks! Right? We think it's just something people do when they have too much time on their hands, nothing better to do, and like bringing others down....no good!


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