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Want to Enhance Your Music, Art, Photography or Business Skills?

Hey hey! Sending a ton of virtual hugs your way and hope you are all doing well. Around these parts, taking time to focus on the things that have been held off for so long because of the constant go go go mentality and "lack of time," has really been beneficial; and with all of this available time I have been making sure that it is being put to good use.

Focus has been put a lot more on a number of different creative projects, spending more time in nature, prioritizing health, happiness and working on improving self. During this time it is so important to focus on you. What is it that is important to you? How are you going to take this experience and use it to better yourself and positively impact the ones you love and those around you now and moving forward? How are you planning on using your time now and after we get through this period of uncertainty and confusion?

One of the best ways to move forward in a positive light and be the most genuine you possible is to focus on your health and wellness, MAKE the time for those who are most important to you, and hone in on your talents, using them to enhance your life and the life of those around you.

Right now there are people and organizations out there that are work to help others learn, expand on their talents and do what they can from a distance for everyone who is home navigating this new temporary way of life. Here are some links to check out if you are interested in anything from enhancing your your artistic abilities to furthering your business.


Up until April 30, 2020, Nikon is making it’s online photography class curriculum of 10 classes available at the Nikon School and can be streamed for free. With class prices normally ranging from $15 to $50 each, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about photography and strengthen their skills. Each class is given by a professional photographer and teaches you everything ranging from how to photograph your family and friends to the basics of creating a music video.

If you are interested just head over to the Nikon School Online website, enter your name and email address and gain access just like that, easy peasy!


Want lessons from a pro? The extremely talented, highly motivated musician and all around great guy Matt Greiner, drummer for August Burns Red, is teaching online drum lessons for all ages and skill levels. Just head over to his site and sign up for your opportunity to either enhance your drum skills or begin your journey as a drummer. Also be sure check out his podcast Holy Ghost Notes (I'm hooked) that he hosts along with fellow drummer Tim Anderson where they focus on drums, life and Christianity.


Illustrator Carson Ellis has started a Quarantine Art Club. What is a Quarantine Art Club you ask? Well, every day Ellis posts to her Instagram page a different drawing prompt to get the creativity flowing of both adults and children. Are you down for the art challenge? See what other club members are working on with the hashtag #quarantineartclub and have friends and family join in on the fun too!


VF Marketing and Design helps you build your brand and expand your business' reach through branding, content, strategy and creativity. Learn more about how VF Marketing and Design got started HERE and check out the monthly packages that are available right now for a discounted rate HERE. Another perk? Email VF Marketing and Design today if you are interested in a new or updated website and say you were referred by Cupcakes and Crossbones to get a 10% discount.

Know of any other classes, programs or organizations providing services that you can participate in from home? If so, send Cupcakes and Crossbones an email with the deets so that the information can be shared with your fellow Cupcakes and Crossbones viewers too!