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Leading The Charge for the Next Generation of Rock N' Roll

With inspiration from classic rock bands of the 60's, 70's, and 80's, Black Coffee is dedicated to re-inventing modern rock music. This three piece collaboration includes drummer Tommy McCullough, singer/bassist Ehab Omran and guitarist Justin Young. After just one listen you can tell that they make one hell of a team and there is no doubt that fans can certainly anticipate an assorted variety of original music from these guys. Black Coffee is a refreshing sip of both vintage and innovative and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for the future. We had the pleasure of speaking with singer/bassist, Ehab Omran and got the inside scoop for all fans and soon to be fans. Check out our interview right here!

C&C: Tell us about how you guys got started and what made you start Black Coffee together?
ES: Well, Justin and Tommy were in a band for about 4 years before Justin went to Berklee College of Music. While he was away, I (Ehab) met Tommy and we started a band together. When Justin came back for winter break, Tommy and I jammed with him and that was enough to convince him to never go back haha!

C&C: Recently you released your original single “I Barely Know Her” along with your debut album Take One. What inspired this album and what was the process like creating it?
ES: I think we inspired each other more than any outside force could. We all love old classic music, but we never thought that we would sound the way we do. Blown away, we knew we had to capture it and the only way to do that would be to record the same way we play live, and that is live! All of us in the same room with no click track, pitch correction, triggers, any of that. I guess our heroes (Zeppelin, Sabbath, Halen, ect.) had to do with that!

C&C: You are obviously heavily influenced by 70’s rock (which we love!) Was this always an era that you took particular interest in? Who/what got you into this era of music?
ES: Tommy and Justin grew up on classic rock and roll. Their parents were huge contributors to their love of music. Tommy's dad has been drumming since the 80's and Tom would go to gigs as a child. Justin's parents were taking him to see the likes of Tom Petty and Van Halen so its no surprise he ended up being a guitar player.  I would say I listen to some old music but it was all pop and funk singers! Michael Jackson and James Brown were huge to me! I found the 80's hair scene in middle school and the 90's grunge scene in highschool.

C&C: What are your personal favorite top two tracks off of your new album and why?
ES: The Traveler is my favorite because it wasn't supposed to be on this record haha, it was an idea that was floating around. So, one of the days we were in studio, I had finished these lyrics for the chord structure and Tommy was a huge advocate of song. Upon his request, we decided to try and record it. Two takes in we stopped and had it finished. Blew us away.
Born to Lie touches home in a few ways. The main structure of the song was written almost 10 years ago by Justin as a 15-year-old. The lyrics refer to the inevitably of lying and more specifically in the second verse, an incident that happened to us at a festival when we first started.

C&C: Where do you get your inspiration for your lyrics?
ES: Sometimes events, sometimes someone will say something to me that catches my ear, but usually they fall out of the trees. You just have to find the right words and follow that branch til you hit the trunk of the tree, then start over.

C&C: What can fans expect from you guys in the near future and where can they plan on seeing you next?
ES: We are about to shoot at least one more music video to be released this year off of Take One! We have our shows posted on our social media platforms but we are super excited to be playing with Pop Evil in West Virginia Sept. 15th! 

C&C: Any last words for your fans and our viewers?!
ES: We love you all! Check out our music Video for I Barley Know Her on Youtube and Facebook, and check out our debut album Take One on Spotify, Apple Music, ect. !

Download Take One HERE.
Track List:
1. Creamer
2. I Barely Know Her
3. Hurricane
4. Monica
5. Born to Lie
6. The Traveler
7. Psychedelic Red
8. Fade
9. Away

Watch Black Coffee's video for I Barely Know Her right HERE!

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