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Them Evils: Interview With Drummer David Delaney

Wasting no time after the release of their first single "Got Me Rockin'", Southern California based Them Evils released an impressive EP saturated with killer Rock N' Roll beats titled "Rollin' Stoned and Livin' Free" on May 4th through Burning Records. 
Them Evils exploded onto the scene quickly and are on the fast track to rock domination with "Got Me Rockin'", which premiered at Loudwire.
We had the pleasure of catching up with Them Evils drummer David Delaney and get the inside scoop on how they got to where they are now, what their plans are for the future as well as everything in between!

Them Evils

C+C: How did Them Evils get started and what has influenced your sound and style?
DD: Jake and Jordan grew up in Las Vegas. They grew up on the same street and had been playing music together for some time. After realizing Vegas didn’t have too much to offer them, they packed their stuff and moved to Huntington Beach, CA. After trying out numerous Craigslist drummers, I was introduced to Jordan through one of my best friends who worked with him at the time. After rehearsing some demo tracks, as well as some Alice In Chains and Metallica songs, I knew I was with the right guys!

C+C: Not too long ago you released your new single "Got Me Rockin'" and now you have released your EP “Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free” on May 4th. Congratulations!  What can fans and soon to be fans expect from your new EP?  
DD: Loud, in your face, balls-out rock n' roll music that you’ve been craving and waiting for! We feel like “Got Me Rockin” captures the type of direction we want to go as a band. Sexy drum grooves, fuzzy guitars, and thumping bass. It's even got my mouth watering just thinking about it. The reception for the song has been incredible so far. We're excited that so many people are getting to hear it on Spotify Rock Hard Playlist, Apple Music's Breaking Hard Rock, Pandora New Rock station, etc.

C+C: You just performed at Welcome to Rockville with some pretty huge names in the industry. What was this experience like for you? Did you walk away with any crazy stories that you can let us in on?!
DD: Welcome to Rockville was the first festival for us this year, so we were extremely excited about how it turned out for us. The coolest part for me was running into Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age when we were walking over to see Billy Idol! Both groups of people have had the biggest influence on me as far as songwriting. They’re my personal idols! (no pun intended). After chatting with QOTSA they had personally invited us to watch them side stage. That was an “I made it” moment for me. Still can’t believe it…

Them Evils - Rollin' Stoned And Livin' Free

C+C: It’s no secret that you guys have been crazy busy! You were on a West Coast run with Red Sun Rising and now you are on a national tour including stops at Carolina Rebellion, Rock on the Range and as mentioned previously, Welcome to Rockville. How do you guys keep it all together and keep it going, night after night?
DD: We’re all the best of friends, so it’s really not that difficult.  We have the same mentality as to what we want for the band. As much of a “business” as Them Evils has become, we have to have some fun. Its Rock N' Roll!

C+C: We heard that a video for "Got Me Rockin'" will debut this month. Any idea on when you guys plan on releasing it? What was it like shooting the video?
DD: The video for “Got MeRockin” will actually be released @ Loudwire.com on Monday, May 14th (Today). The video was a ton of fun to shoot! We filmed it at my house, actually. It was cool coming up with a story and watching it be brought to life before my eyes. Our great friend and director Stephen Steelman (Brigantine Films) really helped make it a memorable experience. My grandpa’s 1932 Ford, birthday cakes, broken bottles, and unicorn pinata’s. There’s a lot to look forward to!

Them Evils

C+C: What has been your greatest struggle so far as a band and how have you managed to overcome it?
DD: Being an independent artist. We've been together for almost four years as Them Evils and we’ve been on our own for the most part. Of course, we have our incredible team behind us now that have been amazing to work with. Most importantly our manager, Shannon Gunz – she has worked really hard for us. We’re still a growing band competing with the entire history of rock music, but we push through it all by touring relentlessly and writing music we love to play.

C+C: On the flip side, what has been your greatest accomplishment up until this point?
DD: Working with Kato Khandwala has been the greatest experience. Unfortunately, we lost him a couple weeks ago in an accident. He was an incredible producer that wanted to see us succeed with this EP. Having said that, he worked us hard and settled for nothing short of amazing! “Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free” may be the last record he produced that gets released. We’re all honored to have known and worked with him.

C+C: Any last words for your fans and our viewers?!
DD: Listen to “Rollin’ Stone and Livin’ Free” on our website, Spotify, Apple music, Pandora, Slacker, or wherever you can get it! Also come see us on our current tour. We’d love to meet all of you!

Them Evils Tour Dates:
May 11 - Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Saint Vitus
May 12 - Hartford, Ct. @ The Webster (Underground)
May 13 – Somerville, MA @ Once Ballroom
May 16 - Lancaster, Pa. @ Chameleon Club (Lizard Lounge)
May 19 - Columbus, Ohio @ Rock on the Range
May 20 - Cleveland, Ohio @ Grog Shop
May 22 - Pittsburgh, Pa. @ The Smiling Moose
May 23 - Detroit, Mich. @ PJ’s Lager House
May 24 - Chicago, Ill. @ Beat Kitchen
May 25 - St. Paul, Minn. @ Turf Club
May 26 - Omaha, Neb. @ Lookout Lounge
May 27 - Fort Collins, Colo. @ Hodi’s Half Note
May 29 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ Metro Bar

June 1 - Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar

June 9 - Costa Mesa, Ca @ The Wayfarer

Connect with Them Evils:
Official Band website: https://themevils.com