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The Fell Release Debut Single and Video 'Footprints'

An exciting new band consisting of rockers Toby Rand (RAND, Juke Kartel and Rock Star: Supernova) on vocals, Guitar player Mike Krompass (Multi-Platinum music producer and session guitar player), Randy Cooke (notorious session/touring drummer who has recorded/played with a laundry list of greats) and Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs) on bass.

This recently created alternative rock band has released the Official Music Video for their debut single, "Footprints." Which will be featured on their upcoming album (date to be announced).

"The Fell is a collaboration of musicians who hail from rock'n'roll upbringings. We wrote this record with no filter, just the pure experience of playing music around the world. The four us met through rock'n'roll, and that is the language we are projecting in this project. Lyrically, we hope to inspire those in doubt and join those who reap. It’s a new world… a new fight". - The Fell

This is a fresh new direction for the members of the band, but together their influences generate a more contemporary sound, with heavy guitars, powerful riffs and killer vocals.

Check out The Fell with their debut single “Footprints” right here: 

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