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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Interview With Lola Black

If you haven't heard of Lola Black yet, that's all about to change!
With a kick ass strong female vocalist and a group killin' it on bass, guitar, and drums, this band is popping up and rocking out everywhere. 
We had the opportunity to catch up with Lola herself and find out everything from how they started, to where you can spot them next!

1. Tell us a little bit about how
Lola Black got started?
Chris and I decided it was time for “us” to make music together after a couple past bands had seen their day. After some trial & error we found our key players and found our sound.

2. You released your
first album in 2012 "Dia de los Borrachos" and
recently "Till death do us part" how do you feel
you have evolved since your first release?
It is like night and day! We actually started off with more of a punk sound. Our thirst for growth moved us in another direction and we wanted a more rounded heavy sound. Don’t get me wrong I have a strong love for punk and you can never take the punk out of this girl. To this day you can still hear it in my voice. I feel that little bit right there makes my style unique and close to my heart. Constant growth is what keeps us going. We always look to be the bigger badder versions of ourselves.  

3. Who has been your
favorite band to open for to date?
My personal favorite is Rob Zombie. Shit…every band we had the opportunity to open for are pretty badass! Last year we got to play on “The world’s loudest month” festival series with the love of our sponsor J├Ągermeister. Every single band that I have ever wanted to play with in my life was on one or more of those shows. We got to play with them all in a span of 3 months and it was a dream come true. Rob Zombie, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot and Korn. That is just a brief list so you get the idea of our excitement last year.

4. When was the first
moment that you realized you were heading for big things as
a band?
I have always had a gut feeling that we are destined for great things. The very first time I think it really hit us all was when we hit the stage at the First Bank Center opening up for Five Finger Death Punch, HellYeah & Texas Hippie Coalition. We all looked around at each other like “Holy Shit! This is really happening”. It is such a magical feeling playing an arena show and sharing the stage with guys you really look up too.

5. What has been your
greatest accomplishment and challenge as a band thus
Every show we have had the opportunity to play the last few years is a great accomplishment to us. It is kind of unheard of for a band to get to that place in a musical career without the help of a label. Getting there without label support is also our greatest challenge. I think that goes for any band really, it’s a double edge sword. However we have an amazing behind the scene dream team working with us and we do get amazing support from J├Ągermeister. We can not even begin to thank them all enough.

6.  What can fans
expect for the future?
A new album is in the works and we will continue kick ass and take names. I look forward to meeting new fans and sharing our music across the country.

7. Any last words for
your fans and cupcakes and crossbones viewers? 
So much love to our fans aka- The LBC. We could not do this without your love and support. New to our music? Keep your eyes and ears open and if we come to a town near you, please don’t be shy. Come by and say hi! We look forward to meeting you. Last but certainly not least, thank you Cupcakes & Crossbones. We love you!  XOXO 
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