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5 Summer Beauty Tips You Need In Your Life

1. Stay moisturized. 
You may need to low your roll when it comes to moisturizing but don't stop completely.Choose a moisturizer with SPF in it and keep your kin well hydrated. Hydrated skin mean no flaking, keeping wrinkle at bay, and with an SPF will keep your skin safe from harmful rays.

2. Buff away dead skin. 
Exfoliating not only keeps pores clean and unclogged (resulting in less breakouts) it also keeps your self tanning on point and fresh looking when applied. Depending on how sensitive your skin is will make the difference in how often you should be exfoliating. Find an exfoliator that is gentle on your skin and don't forget to moisturize after!
3. Don’t shave or wax your bikini line right before being out and having fun in the sun. 
Removing a layer of skin and hair is a bad idea if you are going to be out in the sun and playing in the salty/chlorinated water! Try doing this beauty routine a day or several hours before hitting the pool or beach. 

4. Invest in an awesome clarifying shampoo. 
The sun, the heat, the salt, the chlorine, it all does a number on your hair no matter what hair color you rock. After your day of outdoor fun, be sure to clarify your hair to reduce damage and color dulness and fading. 

5. Stay hydrated! 
This is so important! Be sure to drink plenty of water this summer. It can sometimes be easily forgotten as you are sipping cocktails poolside or indulging in a beer or two at a BBQ but you must always remember to drink your H2O. Dehydration is no fun and in extremely severe cases can leave you hospitalized. So drink up!

What are your summer beauty tips?



  1. I think staying hydrated is key like you said - makes everything brighter and move better for you lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. totally agree about water and moisturiser! i'm so bad at exfoliating though.

    1. I use to hate taking that extra step to exfoliate, but it really does make a big difference with my skin so now I'm addicted lol

  3. I have to have the clarifying shampoo or the pool turns my hair green. Not a good look!

    1. Same here girl! Yeah...I'm not going for the green look at the moment either =P

  4. Totally agree on staying hydrated. I saw that Moroccan oil shampoo and though of getting it but haven't heard much about it yet.

  5. i coat my hair in conditioner or oils to protect my color from fading, since i don't always wear a hat outside.


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