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Reduce Those Allergy Symptoms!

So far this season it has been allergies 1 Tori 0. 
Am I the only one who's seasonal allergies are kicking their ass?
If you are suffering as much as I am or know someone who suffers, you are going to want to read this and pass it on!
Here are a few helpful tips that you are going to want to keep in mind when keeping allergies at bay.

1. Always wash your hair before bed! Want to put yourself through a shocker of a test? Test washing your hair the night of vs. the next morning. 
Less congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes is what happens when you wash your hair at night. 
Pollen and allergens stick to our hair throughout the day so when we lay down to go to sleep without washing our hair, we rub these allergens all into our pillows and yes, our face!  

2. Although it is nice to have your windows open and air out your home on cool days, close up your home. Especially on high pollen days. Windows even with screens in them are perfect entry ways for allergens to enter your home and cling to furniture and upholstery.

3. Take your shoes off before entering your home. This too is another way for pollen and grass to enter your home and can be avoided.

4. Be sure to check your weather app on your phone or the news for pollen count that day. Plan accordingly by taking any allergy medication you may need so that you are not dragging yourself through work or sneezing it up at your next outdoor function.

5. I know that some people like to hang their clothes outside to dry to save energy and money, but this is a big no no on high pollen spring/summer days. 
Allergen particles will cling to any clothes that you have hanging outdoors and not only get all over you when you wear the clothes, but also all over your other clothes in your closet. 

6. Service all air conditioners in your home before AC season. Whether you have allergies or not you this is still something that you should be doing every year. 
Vacuum out all air conditioners and replace their filters each year as this is a great place for dust, pollen, and dander to collect. Not only will you be reducing your allergy symptoms, you will also be reducing your bill since your AC doesn't have to work as hard to pump out cold air. 

7. When driving try to avoid using the vent in your car. Rather than using the vent AC option, use the recirculated air option. This reduces the amount of outdoor allergens entering your car.

Hope these tips and tricks help you push through this allergy season!
Do you suffer from allergies? What are some tips that you have for reducing symptoms?


  1. I was a terrible allergy sufferer when I lived in Florida, but it's changed since I moved to Boston thank god!! Great tips girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. All of these tips are so helpful. SO interesting about showering before bed. That totally makes sense!! Thanks for the advice love

    xx 365Hangers

  3. I'll have to share with my friends they are totally feeling it already.

    1. So far allergies have been kicking my but like no other this year!


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