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Here's What's Happenin'

Hey Cupcakes!
Since we were off Monday I thought we could do our little weekly recap of what is going on today so that you are all up to date with the kick ass stuff that's happenin'.

1.) Home Remodel Project - 
This project is coming along nicely! 
The kitchen is almost complete and ready for me to take some after shots to share with all of you. 
I say by next week or the week after we should have pictures and a few DIY projects to share, yay!

2.)  Giveaway Contest -
We are going to have a really fun and exciting giveaway contest next week that you are def going to want to check out.
It is "Women Who Rock" related since this summer's "Women Who Rock" month is coming to a close ::sniffle sniffle::
More details to come as we get closer, because you know I love leaving you all in suspense!

3.) Summer Tunes -

This summer we are going concert crazy and heading to some amazing festivals, catching up with, and interviewing some of your favorite musicians.
Who do you want to see us cover?!

4.) Women Who Rock - (The best for last!)
Tomorrow we introduce another Woman Who Rocks!
Cristina Palumbo, the woman who rocks our world on The Jay Thomas Show SiriusXM will be taking over!
She is one of the funniest and down to earth women I have met and she knows how to get what she wants (we love that in a woman!)
Be here same time, same place tomorrow to get the full exclusive interview where she tells us how she got into the field that she is in now, celebrities that she met along the way, and what it is like being on the Jay Thomas show.


  1. Cant wait to hear more about this giveaway! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of the renovation. I am sure you'll be happy when it's done. Love your music recommendations I always find something to like from them.

    1. Yes we are almost done with the kitchen reno yayy!!! I love sharing new music finds with people who I know will appreciate it =)


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