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We Are Challenging You! 21 Day Fix!

 Summer is coming!! Are you feeling summer ready? 
It's ok, neither are we. That is why we are taking the 21 Day Fix Partner Challenge with Melissa, our very own fitness coach!
Since we want you feeling good and #RockinTheSweetLife we are going to lend Melissa to you as your own personal fitness coach to get you set for the summer.
Best part? Your friends can join in on the journey to getting fit by taking on the
21 Day Fix   
Partner Challenge

What is 21 Day Fix? 
It’s an easy to follow, nutrition, and fitness program which jump-starts your major weight-loss goals. 21 Day Fix, offers a fool proof nutrition plan to help manage and monitor what you are eating through portion control and it provides a guide to healthy, clean eating… And you will not be left hungry! 

How this challenge works? 
Team up with 1 person who you feel will hold you accountable in accomplishing your set goals, and who will inspire you, encourage you, and who you can have fun with on this exciting journey towards a rockin body and optimal health.
What You Do:
-Once you’ve picked a teammate, both of you should log on-to HERE and order your 21-Day Fix Challenge Pack.
-Next, contact your personal fitness coach by email (MelJacobs96@gmail.com), let her know that you are interested, and she will add you to her Facebook page. Once you do this, she will add you to the challenge group where together you can inspire one another, share recipes, and success stories (because there will be many). She will also be adding tips on maintaining your weight-loss, improving all around health, and steps towards self-care.
 -Finally, stay tuned to the challenge page for information on getting started… and don’t forget to SMILE. Weight loss can be frustrating, but Melissa's goal is to make it fun and empowering. You can do this!
 ***Both challenge partners should do the above steps individually!***

What is Shakeology? The Healthiest Meal of the Day ®. Shakeology has multiple flavors to choose from and so many recipe combinations. It is a way to increase energy, reduce cravings, and lose weight, all while filling your body with healthy nutrition.
Oh…. And you can WIN. Once you are added to the challenge page, send Melissa a private message with your ‘before’ weight, and inches, your challenge partner’s name, a team name, your weight loss/nutrition/fitness goals, and what motivates you to reach these goals. 
The team to lose on average, the most weight and inches wins a prize. What is that prize? Well…. The pot starts at $25, for every person that purchases the 21-Day Fix Challenge pack from Melissa's page will add an extra $5 to this pot. So, tell your friends, tell your family members, tell your co-workers. Build the pot, build your motivation, build your bank account, and drop the inches and pounds.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to E-mail Melissa, your new fitness coach @ MelJacobs96@gmail.com.

PS Starts Monday, May 4th (Order ASAP to receive your package, review it & get started on planning your weight loss)

Are you ready for the challenge with your very own personal fitness coach? 
Who will you be partnering up with?



  1. I've been really interested in this program for a while! I'm excited to see how it works for you! xo, Biana - https://twitter.com/blovedboston/status/590160594109607936

    1. It is an amazing program! I saw great results and I did the challenge with a friend who did it and got back into her pre pregnancy clothes as a result. If you are interested and want to participate just contact Melissa (contact info in post) She is so sweet and super helpful!

  2. Shakeology right! Ive been doing several Beach Body workouts the past few months. Summers just around the corner!


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