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#OOTD - Kristin Cavallari

Isn't it so crazy how some people in the public eye look so stylish and comfy when traveling?
One person who pulls this off great is Kristin Cavallari.
Whether she is stopping through at an airport or out on the town for lunch, she always looks comfortable yet chic and doesn't look like she tried too hard either.
Here is a perfect example, our #OOTD Kristin Cavalleri's style on a budget!

Leggings  $9.90
Knit Tee $8.90

Is this a look you would rock?



  1. She always looks amazing and stylish. I like that she seems to go with the less is more approach and not overly done. It is a style I am more likely able to pull off.

  2. She looks great and comfy. Love this outfit

  3. Wow, she looks amazing and that's a nice outfit for cheap.

  4. She always looks so well pulled together!

  5. Ugh I would try so hard to look that adorable and not pull it off lol. You're right - it's just so effortless!

  6. So loving this simple look. All black with a sweater is always the perfect look.

    xx 365Hangers

  7. I love her look. She always seems to look to put together!


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