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Friday Favorites Roundup

Hello hello! 
Hope you are all doing wonderfully this Friday. 
We know we are because it is Friday and that means our favorite roundup of the week. 
A little fun filled list of our favorite finds from this week. 
So take a look, we hope you enjoy these little finds as much as we do!

Favorite Outfit:
Classy, sophisticated, and fun. 
This outfit is amazing. 
This classic black and white number is the perfect balance of chic and playful with the gorgeous ballerina skirt and gold belt.
Two thumbs up!

Favorite Recipe:
Gluten free samoa donuts?! This amazing treat is made with honey and coconut milk caramel and it is a pretty sure deal that these are going to be made ASAP and get put in my belly even faster!

Favorite DIY:
These tips and tricks are so creative and we are definitely glad we took a peek at it.
You should too! 

Favorite New Band:
 We are totally loving City Of The Weak
Not only do they totally rock and have some extremely catchy songs but they have a kick ass female lead singer who rocks along with the rest of the band! 
If you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend that you do.
Another awesome fact...they are on tour now so be sure to catch them when they come to your city, or you can find us at their show and rock out with us when they come to NY for their Make It Or Break It Tour!

Favorite Funnies:

It's bull I tell ya!

Well....that escalated quickly!

That's one way to handle a situation!

Well that's all the favorites that we have for you this Friday but
we would like to leave you with this question for the day: 
What do you like reading about most? Music, recipes, fashion, or beauty?

Happy Friday!



  1. Seriously who doesn't love a tulle skirt - so pretty! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. HAHA not allowed back in target. Love it. Also those donuts are making me salivate at my computer right now!

  3. Gluten Free Samoa donuts?! Yum! The tongs, was hilarious. Escalated very quickly! I like recipes (duh) and beauty. :) Have a great weekend girly!

    1. Well YOU do have the best most mouth watering recipes EVER!! hehe

  4. OBSESSED with that outfit!

    1. Same here! Kind of just want to put the skirt on to twirl around in it!

  5. Oh New Zealand, I love you and your cheeky humor

  6. That's one amaze outfit for any night. I think you have a donut obsession after reading this post - which is fine by me as I want to eat them all. Love the memes too darling.

    1. LOL! I didn't even realize there were two pictures of donuts until you mentioned it...I guess the truth always comes out! =P Thanks girl!

  7. I'm obsessed with tulle skirts but I haven't bought one yet because I can't figure out where I'd actually wear it?! They are so amazing though! And those donuts... YUM. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. You could wear it anywhere, especially if you dress it down with like a tucked in or tied up chambray top you'd be good to go girl! =) Hope you had a great weekend too!

  8. Thats probably the prettiest tulle skirt I ever did see! No joke!


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