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8 Makeup Tips From The Pros

Is it just me or are you always searching for new tips to make your makeup look flawless? With all these tips and tricks out there though, it's hard to know which ones are fact and which are umm...not so much. Today we are breaking it down to eight makeup tips you need in your life now to emphasize all of those beautiful features you got goin on over there!

1. Fix Clumpy Mascara- Clumpy mascara is such a pain and sometimes unavoidable. Think about it, every day you apply your mascara you are constantly pumping air into your mascara tube leaving you with tarantula lashes, ain't nobody got time for that! Here's an easy fix, just add a drop or 2 of Visine into your mascara tube and you will be back to having long full lashes in no time flat. Also remember to replace your mascara every 3-4 months to avoid accumulation of yucky bacteria. 

2. Make Your Eyes Pop- This nifty trick is simple. Rather than applying a dark eyeliner to the inside of your lower lids just apply some white eyeliner on your inner lower lids instead. Eyes instantly appear wider and brighter!

3. Tightening- What is tightening you ask? Rather than applying a line of eyeliner to your upper lids, slightly lift your upper lid with one hand and with the other hand apply eyeliner to the inner upper lids in between your eyelashes. This gives an appearance as though you aren't wearing makeup but makes lashes look thicker and still gives you that pop you are looking for with an all natural effect. 

4. Get The Perfect Foundation Color- Rather than matching foundation to your cheek or hand, just apply 3 possible matches to your neck area. This will help you choose the proper color for your skin tone and avoid that different neck and face color thing that some people have going on, that no one wants. 

5. Prevent Run Away Eyeliner- You know when you apply makeup in the morning and you are all "damn I look good" and then by lunch time your eyeliner has left you with raccoon eyes? The fix is simple! Just sweep a bit of translucent powder below your lower lashes to create a barrier and to keep that eyeliner in check.

6. Have A Flawless Foundation- Use downward motions when applying your foundation. This prevents any peach fuzz from standing straight up and making makeup more noticeable and sometimes blotchy. Tip: When applying lotion use upward motions to apply it to prevent fine lines in the future.

7. Save Old Mascara Wands- Re purpose old mascara wands, yep, you heard me right! After having to toss those old mascaras out after 3-4 months just save and clean the wands well. Use your mascara wands for keeping fly aways on your head tame, shaping eyebrows, and keeping eyebrows tame too by applying just a touch of hairspray.

8. Create The Illusion of Plump Lips- Add a dab of frosted eye-shadow to the middle of your lower lip and blend for the illusion of a fuller and plump pout.

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What makeup tips can you not live without!?

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  1. Great tips. I have used white eyeshadow at my inner eye to make my eyes standout.

    1. Thanks! Yes, that def gets eyes looking wider and brighter.

  2. Matching to your neck is such a great tip!! Thanks for sharing all of this!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. That plump lips tip is everything, thanks so much for these!!

    xx 365Hangers

    1. No problem! Plump lips are always a plus (say that 5x's fast!)

  4. These are all such great tips! I've been meaning to save my old mascara wands and this just reminded me again so thank you! And I totally swear by white eyeliner when I'm super tired/haven't gotten very much sleep!

    1. No problem, glad we can help =) Yes! White eyeliner does wonders!

  5. Great tips, lady! These are all super helpful. I'll be saving my wands I never thought of that.


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