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3 Apps To Help You Win At Life

Life can be crazy and hectic, so having a few tools on your side to decrease the craziness and maintain structure is always important. Don't you agree? 
With the abundance of technology out there today schedules, saving money, and organization can come just a bit easier if you know which ones will benefit you the most. 
Today I'm going to take the search time out and give you a list of apps to help you "win at life."

1.) Cozi Family Organizer- 
Keep track of everyone in your household's schedules, activities, and appointments, share and create to do lists, grocery lists, and chores all in real time, as well as update and access all of this from your phone or computer. Sounds good huh? Color code each family member for easy viewing, and send your updates and reminders to anyone in your family too. This is a total organizing must have!

2.) Good Rx- Good Rx:
All you have to do is download the Good Rx app on your smart phone. Start by searching for the medication prescribed to you, next enter the dosage, the supply amount, and your location. Just like that the app pulls up the closest pharmacies near you, the lowest prices, and a coupon code to show to the pharmacist that will dramatically decrease the cost of your medication (insurance or no insurance). You can also head over to the Good Rx site and print out a discount card that everyone in your family can use, even your pets!  

3.) Key Ring Rewards Card-
Hate carrying around all those reward cards? This app is for you! Just scan your reward cards into the app and it stores them all in one place right there on your phone. The app also provides you with coupons and reminders of when they expire, shows you weekly sales at your favorite local stores, and plan shopping trips to make sure you are getting the best deals on the items you need. Everything you need in one little push of a button, sounds good right? 

What are some of your favorite apps that you use to keep your life organized and save money?



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