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Time Saving And Organizing Tips

Life can get hectic and crazy at times and it always seems like there is never enough time in the day. With these simple and easy tips though, I guarantee that you will find yourself more prepared and find a little bit of "me time" to squeeze in the day which we all need in our life!

1.) Meal Prep- I've said it once and I'll say it again. Meal prepping totally saves time and money. Plan out your weekly meals and preparing them on a Sunday or day of your choice. You not only end up eating healthier and having a little extra time to spare, but you also don't over buy at the grocery store. 
Check out My Fridge Food. This is a great tool to use for recipes. You simply check off ingredients that you have around the house and it will pull up meals that you can make with those ingredients. 

2.) Peapod- Need groceries and have absolutely no time to go to the store? Head over to Peapod. You type in your zip code and then select groceries that you need and someone delivers it right to your door. This is also great for around the holidays like Thanksgiving when grocery stores are over flowing with long lines and cranky customers.

3.) Planners- I know I know. If you are familiar with this blog you know I mention these bad boys all the time. But they do work wonders. Never miss an appointment and schedule your day accordingly by marking down all important engagements and times of events once one arises. Using highlighters as mentioned in yesterdays post is great if you have children. Just assign a color to each member of the family and highlight each persons event in their color so that you know who needs to go where and when.

4.) Notepad- Have a notepad and pen in your nightstand so that if you are anything like me and are about to go to bed and remember one last thing that you have to do just jot it down in your notes so that you aren't up thinking about it all night. It's also great to have a "to do" list on especially busy days so that you don't forget a task. Cross it off your list when you are done and feel incredibly accomplished!


5.) Dry Erase Board- Put a dry erase board on your fridge so that when someone in your household notices that you are running low on an item or if they want you to pick something up from the store, they can write it on your board. This eliminates a) complaining about "why didn't you get me this" and b) You wont have to run out to the store AGAIN for the second time.

6.)  Schedule "You Time" - Everyone needs a little time to themselves whether it is reading a book or getting a manicure. Don't forget to pencil in time for yourself. You need this, you deserve this!

7.) Ask For Help- Don't be afraid to ask for help. We can't always finish everything that we have to do, and that is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with asking someone in your home or a friend for a reasonable favor. 

What are some time saving and organizing tips that you incorporate into your everyday life?



  1. great tips! i love the idea of meal planning but every time i try, i fail before i even start. not sure why!

  2. This happened to me too when I first tried meal planning. I think the key to it is to have a plan of attack and set a day that you are going to do it and stick to it. Try out that My Fridge Food site. It has helped me many times.

  3. I always have to have a notebook with me to make lists. Scheduling your free time I think is important too. I always allow free time in the morning to read a book. I read a lot of blog, a lot at work and being able to read a book helps set up my day. I also schedule my gym time too.


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