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Spaghetti Squash

Believe it or not, ever since I was young I had always loved spaghetti squash. My mom would make it for me all the time and I never payed attention to how she did it because...well...she made it so good, why would I pass up hers to make it on my own? PS Thanks mom!
Anywayz, I'm a big girl now and I'm not living with my momma which means I need to prepare my own foods ugghh. Yet, after realizing how simple it is to make spaghetti squash, I make it all the time now. Even though something about mom's cooking is so much better, I think my cooking comes in a close second =P

-2 Spaghetti Squash
(this made more than enough for lunch for the week)
-Cutting Board
-Big SHARP Knife (be careful!)
-Baking Sheet
-Greased Tin Foil

What You Do:
-Pre heat oven to 350 degrees
-Carefully slice your squash in half
-Put your tin foil over your baking sheet and lightly spray it with cooking spray
-Place those babies sliced part down on your baking sheet and put it in the oven for 30 minutes
-After they are done cooking (a sharp knife should be able to slice through the skin with little resistance) flip them over with your oven mitts still on.
-Use your fork to graze over the top pulling out all the seeds in each piece.
-Once the seeds are removed, use your fork again to scrape away at the inside of the squash
-This is the yummy stuff that you want to put in a bowl or Tupperware. As you scrape you will be creating yummy strands of squash that look like, you guessed it....spaghetti!

You can top your squash with anything from marinara sauce to grilled chicken...whatever tickles your fancy.
My favorite way to top it is by mixing in some butter, garlic, salt and pepper, and a little bit of ricotta. Oh my gosh is it delicious!!!

Have you made spaghetti squash before? Are you as big of a fan of it as I am?

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  1. Yum spaghetti Squash is super delish!! I actually like the taste of it plain with just a bit of salt and pepper. BUt we've already established that I'm boring like that haha

    1. I actually like it plain too! It really has such a great taste to it.

  2. one day i will try spaghetti squash! it just seems like a lot of work to be honest, and i am all about the lazy. looks yum though!

    1. Haha. I hear ya. The only real pain in the ass part (that I hate) is taking the seeds out, other than that all you do is slice, bake, scrape =)

  3. I love spaghetti squash though I usually boil mine. So yummy!

    1. I've never tried boiling it before, I have to try that out.

  4. Replies
    1. That's what I say every time I make it! It's the best!


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