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Friday Favorites

We made it! It is officially the end of the work week and time to let loose. Today we are doing something extra special to celebrate this Friday by listing out our Friday favorites from recipes to fashion, lets do this!

Favorite Song:
Oh we are bringing it back old school style to 1989 when Motley Crue released their album Dr. Feelgood. If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite bands of all time is Motley Crue fun fact and the fact that they are currently on their final tour EVER as a group makes me want to crawl into fetal position and cry, but guess who will be at their show when they come to NY...This girl!  Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S) for the win!


Favorite Recipe:
Who doesn't love ice cream? Who doesn't love birthday cake? Who loves the two combined? ME!!! Found here

Favorite Look:
A maxi skirt/dress and a vest are 2 of my summer staple items, so it's only natural for me to absolutely adore this look. Casual, chic, comfy, and flirty all rolled into one hot look!

Favorite DIY:
This DIY vertical plant hanger is so up my alley. How perfect would this be to make for fresh grown herbs and hang it right by your kitchen window.

Favorite Funnies:
So wrong but I loled, not gunna lie.


And finally to go along with my favorites who better to add to the mix than my husband! It is his Birthday this weekend and I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday babe, I hope each and every one of your wishes come true because if anyone deserves it, it's you! Oh and big shout out to my mother in law and father in law for making such an awesome human, on that note
You're Welcome!
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  1. ICE CREAM CAKE!! yum. happy birthday to your hubby, crazy plans? oh that DIY vertical plant hanger looks so good, you could use it for other things besides plants too... cool!

    1. Thanks Kristen! The plans are a secret but I will update next week hehe. Have a great weekend!

  2. I live in maxi dresses in the summer so that look is adorable. Love the vertical plant hanger. Hope you are doing something special for his birthday, hope it is a good one!

    1. Maxi dresses are the best!! I am planning something for his birthday...we will see how it goes =P

  3. Happy happy birthday to your husband!! That birthday cake ice cream would be perfect :) Hope you two have had a great weekend celebrating!

    1. Thank you so much Katie! The weekend was wonderful. I hope yours was as well!


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