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The Perfect Summer Braid

I love braids for the summer time because they are easy, quick, and look super cute. Here is an easy way to get that hot summer braid that you have been looking for!

-Part your hair down the side and gather your hair to the side that you want your braid to sit
-separate your hair into three pieces
-Grab the middle piece and create a normal braid in that one center piece and tie it with a hair tie
-Grab the other two pieces and with the braided piece create another braid
-Tie your braid and pull the hair tie from the original center braid out. 
-Bam, there you go, simple, easy, cute, you go girl!

Are you a fan of braids? 



  1. I love braids, though I don't do them enough. Love how simple and cute this one is.


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