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The Bra Guide: Brace Yourself.

You see what I did there?! Brace yourself?!...Moving on.When I was in highschool one of my jobs that I had was working at Victoria's Secret. My job was to measure breasteses customers to find them the perfect bra fit, as well as find them the perfect style bra for a particular occasion and outfit. Working at Victoria's Secret not only drained my pockets of moolah but it made me realize how completely clueless some women are when it comes to finding a bra. But that's OK because today I'm bringing you the ins and outs of ta tas and bras so that you can totally rock your next bra with no uniboob, quadriboob, or whatever other boob you can think of and not be clueless when it comes to bra shopping.

Know What Size You Are

Measure Band Size-
This is the Number of your bra size. You want to round fractions to the nearest whole number and numbers in between bra band measurements you want to round up, for example if you measure 27" you will choose 30" bra, if you measure 30" you will go for a 32" bra and so on.

Measure Cup Size-
This is the letter of your bra size. With your arms at your side you are going to measure the fullest part of your bust with a measuring tape and again round all fractions to the nearest whole number.

The mathematical equation to get your cup size is to subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement. For Example say your band measured out to 33", rounding up to the nearest band size would equal 34." Your Bust measured out to be 38." You then do 38"-34" = 4." 4"=D so you would be a 34D bra size.

-Keep Bras in shape by placing them with 1 bras cups in the next bras cups, stacking them horizontally in a drawer.
-Hand wash your bras so that they stay in the best condition. Fill a sink with warm water and some mild detergent. Soak the bras for a few minute and work suds into the fabric for about 3 minutes. Drain all of your soapy water from the sink and run each bra under the faucet until water is no longer soapy. Hang dry, never machine dry if you want to get them to last.
-If strapless bras are not your thing simply sew bra cups into your dress yourself or bring them to a tailor/laundromat to have them sew in in for you.
-Always remember to adjust your bra straps. They can make a huge difference in the fit of your bra.
-Avoid quadraboob, its not a good look. when your breast spill over the top of your bra and makes you look like you have four boobs, it is time to go up a cup size.
-Also remember that if you are unable to get the knack of measuring yourself, you can always go to any lingerie store and have them measure you to size as well.

The Best Bra For You

-Wireless/Sports bra- made for comfort and no annoying underwire.
-T-Shirt bra- Hardly noticeable under thin t-shirts and clingy tops. Great for comfort and shape.
-Push up bra- Makes smaller breast look fuller. These come with extra padding on the lower portion of the cup to push breast up and create more cleavage.
-Demi bra- Has minimal upper breast coverage with wider set straps.
-Plunge Bra- Perfect for low cut or "v" neck tops as well as showing some cleavage.

Now you are set! So go out there and get the perfect bra that is right for you.
Do you know what you are looking for when bra shopping?



  1. i have a coupon for a bra fitting i need to use!

    1. Do it girl, bodies are always changing, its always good to get fitted every few months.

  2. or i could just not wear a bra, right? thats what bra top camis are for. lol jk. i have a favourite VS bra and they freaking stopped making it! booo.

    1. Hey Kristen, I am happiest when I'm not wearing a bra, I'm pretty sure it's the first thing that comes off when I get home from work....I hear ya! Don't you hate when you love a product and they discontinue it.....bastards!

  3. I'm in serious need of new bra's so thank you for this! By the way, what do you think about drying them? Air dry or is it okay to throw in the dryer? I've heard both and usually use the dryer since it's faster!

    1. Hey Katie! No problem, glad to help! Putting them in the dryer is a whole lot easier and quicker but I am a total believer in air drying as the dryer wears them out quicker and takes the shape out of them. If you want to save time you can throw them in the washing machine in a bra wash bag (specifically made to the shape of a bra) but I would definitely stick with air drying.

  4. This is so helpful. So glad you did this. Thanks :)

    xx 365hangers

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad this helped....always one of the best compliments!


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