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Quick & Easy No Sew Pillows

Oh pillows. They are fun and decorative yet cost a bundle. Why spend all that money on decorative pillows for your outdoor patio set when you can make them yourself for pennies? Here is a simple and easy way how you can make your own customized outdoor (or indoor) pillow sets without the hassle of sewing and without spending a fortune!

What You Need:
-Placemats (however many pillows you want to make that is how many placemats you need) I got mine at the dollar store
-Stuffing (1 bag of polyester fiberfill made me 2 pillows) from your local craft store
-Glue gun and glue sticks
-Seam ripper or scissors

What You Do:
-Take your seam ripper or scissors and cut about a 1/2 inch of the stitching out of the top of your placemat
-Stuff your placemat until it is to your stuffing satisfaction (most stuffing packs come with a poker that you can use to fully stuff and reach those corners)
-Take your glue gun and glue along the cut seam of your placemat
-Pinch the seam close and hold for a few seconds until cool
-After all is cooled pull off any excess glue and cut any loose threads
-Place your pillow on the chair, couch, or bed of your choice and enjoy your handy work

It's that simple!!! Now go customize the crap out of your house and patio with your awesome new pillows that you can tell everyone you made yourself!

Have you ever made your own pillows before?



  1. That is such a great idea! I have a sewing machine so I could sew it closed but I love cutting corners and using the glue gun!


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