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Anti-Gravity Yoga

Since this lovely lil ditty right hur, I received a lot of questions and comments regarding antigravity yoga. 
I started this class about 3 months ago and fell in love. This type of exercises is not only relaxing and soothing, but it is intense and works your body to its core.
Former gymnast and dancer Christopher Harrison was the creative mind behind AntiGravity Yoga. It provides a workout where you can stretch and strengthen your body without putting too much pressure on joints or vertebrae.
Here are a few little tidbits on antigravity yoga so when you go to your first class you will know what to expect.
This is what you use to do yoga on throughout the duration of your class

Yes you will go upside down a handful of times in a number of different ways. No you will not fall! Just let go and enjoy!
Note: DO NOT eat a big meal before this class or else you will regret it. If you have to eat something before hand have a  piece of fruit.

Work That Core-
You will do upside down crunches, planks, and all that fun stuff from the comfort of your hammock, and you will most certainly will feel the burn! Luckily my amazing instructor (hey Lauren!!) is a huge core fan and she works our tummies out hardcore.


Fancy Stuff-
Also be prepared to do some fancy poses, like this vampire pose! When you first see the instructor demonstrate these moves, your mouth will probably drop and you will say 'you expect me to do that?!' They do, and you will. The best part of this class in my opinion is pushing yourself to do things that you never thought your body could do, which is rewarding all in itself.

So next time you want to challenge yourself and have fun doing it, check out an antigravity yoga class and I bet you will get hooked just like I did!
Also, If you live in the Long Island NY area or are visiting, check out The Fit Factory. The studio is amazing. They offer many different types of classes and as mentioned before, check out Lauren if you are going to be taking AG Yoga. This girl knows what she is doing, makes all of the classes super fun, and is majorly helpful.
Have you ever tried or heard of antigravity yoga before?


  1. That looks like so much fun but all a good workout. i'll have to see if there is any studios around me!

    1. It is so much fun, I think everyone should try it at least once!

  2. Love all of your blogs. Just voted for you. So do I get a free gravity yoga class, now? - Perry
    (I still teach Hot Yoga on Sundays at 11am in Plainview, come visit)


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