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Amazing Uses For WD-40

This post was created thanks to my amazing husband (hey babe!). It was late one evening after a long day of work and an incredibly satisfying dinner when I started thinking out loud about post ideas. Awesome husband says "why don't you write a post about WD-40? There are so many ways that you can use it." Hmmmm WD-40... "That's a good freakin idea!" I shouted. This was the day, my husband birthed a post idea. Thank you husband! I hope this post makes you proud =P

-Unstick stuck gum from hair or carpets

-Remove a ring that is stuck on your finger

-Loosen a stuck zipper by spraying a bit in the trouble area

-Remove tar and scuff marks from hard surfaces and crayon marks from walls (it won't harm the surface) Just spray on the area and wipe

-Keeps wasps away from your home and prevent them from building nests by spraying under the eaves of your house

-Remove lipstick stains from clothes by saturating the area and throw it in the washing machine

-Remove duct tape gunk

-Eliminate that stove top grease

-Clean and restore your leather dashboard by spraying on and wiping off

-Easily wipe away splattered bugs on your car

-Water spots on your glass shower door or stainless steel? Spray and wipe WD-40

-Protects silver from tarnishing

-Untangles jewelry

-Removes dirt, rust, and grease from the BBQ grill

-Stops squeaky doors

-Prevents rust from forming on tools

-Cleans and restores the roof racks on your car.

-Make your floors look like they were just waxed, minus the slippery aftermath

Did you know that there were this many uses for WD-40? What other ways do you use this super product?



  1. i had not heard of it preventing silver from tarnishing--a new use!

    1. Hi Elle,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes , it works perfect for jewlery!

  2. I definitely had no idea that there were so many uses for WD-40. My husband isn't "handy". He usually calls me over to take care of issues. :/

    1. Hi Lara!

      Isn't it crazy all the uses that can come from WD-40?! So awesome that you are the handy lady of the house!

  3. Amazing I never knew all of this! Thanks so much <3 I am obsessed with baking soda it cleans my teeth, scrubs my face and makes my kitchen shine ;) xo C

    1. Hey Courtney,
      No problem! Love sharing tips and tricks! Baking soda is awesome as well. So many uses for making things glow! =)

  4. WD-40 is the bomb. I had no idea I could use it on the stove, but I used to work in a restaurant and would get oil all over my clothes. Spray a bit on, leave it, wash = oil begone!

    1. Hey Kristen,

      Awesome! I think I might have to start walking around with a can of it in my purse =) just incase!

  5. Great tips! Seamus had gum in his foot hair and it was so hard to get out. Now I know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kerry!
      Oh no! WD-40 would have been perfect. I bet that was a mess....poor Seamus!

  6. Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. As usual you rock!


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