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4th Of July Wear

Today we are talkin fashion! With the 4th of July right around the corner I'm sure many of you have fun activities and parties to attend. From cool and casual, to hot and playful we got you covered on "go to" outfits for this years 4th of July bash!


Royal Dress, Red Dress, American Flag Tank, Denim Shorts, Nude Wedges, Converse, Head Wrap,

Cool and Casual- Nothing shows pride more than rockin the a cute American flag tank. Pair that with cut off and distressed denim shorts and a pair of Converse and you are all set to attend any BBQ, or sit back and enjoy the fireworks with friends and family.

Hot and Playful- What do you get when you throw together an amazing flowing maxi with nude kick @ss wedges and a patriotic head wrap? You get one hot and playful mama that's ready to have some fun in the sun...and maybe start a few fireworks herself!

Whether you are taking the cool casual route or the hot and playful road, both outfits can be complimented with this amazing necklace from Merci Maman. Here is a close up of the one I have the pleasure of owning.

I can not tell you how many compliments I get while wearing it. You can get any phrase engraved on the center disc and initials engraved on the two side charms. Not only do I own one, but so does the duchess Kate Middleton herself.

I totally recommend going to the Merci Maman site and picking out your amazing accessories to finish off your look for 4th of July and beyond.
P.S. The gifts on this site range from stackable rings to charm bracelets (that I hope to have in my life soon!) and are great to give as a gift for a bridesmaid or anyone special in your life.

What will you be rockin this 4th of July?!



  1. i love that american flag tank! I love anything american pride!! & that necklace is so adorable!! If i didn't have 195834958034903 necklaces/jewelry I would be all over it. I am actually trying to sell some of mine currently.

  2. i am going to the Rodeo on the 3rd and trying to find my most 'Murican gear I have!


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