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You Need To Know Something....

We have known each other for quite some time now and it is about time you knew a few things about me, the voice behind Cupcakes & Crossbones.
Wife, daughter, sister, mommy to two pups (a beagle and a pitbull), friend, fashion designer for a major fashion house, owner of a children's boutique, blogger, and tattoo artist are some of the many hats that I wear (and I love each one dearly!). 
I'm an avid believer in Sunday meal preps, sitting down to dinner as a family, and you will always catch me blasting either rock/metal and 70's/80's music (especially Motley Crue) from my car's stereo.

My day does not begin until the last sweet drop of my first cup of coffee with cream and agave nectar passes my lips and I am a believer that a hot pair of shoes and good hair/makeup day can make anyone feel like a million bucks!

I am a newbie and lover of antigravity yoga and shuffled, leaped, and pirouetted my way through dance school from age 3 to 20.

 Call me a girly girl if you will but quad riding and camping are a few things I love to do in my spare time. I can go on and on but I must leave some details to the imagination and more information to share with you as we continue this journey together. This is me and everything I do is with passion and heart. This is me.....





  1. Love that you have many sides to you and so many interests! Zero gravity yoga sounds fun!

  2. Zero gravity yoga.. okay.. I'm sold.. Tell me more!

    Once again, came over from the Blog Hop!

    I think we all should wear many hats.. you know? Just build a life filled with memories and different experiences. . . otherwise... life would be BORING!

  3. that zero gravity yoga sounds awesome!!

  4. whoah! that yoga?! hahaha. that looks so intense. You should totally JUST blog about that one day. I would definitely be interested in reading. Glad I found your blog from the link up. It's always cool seeing what others do outside of blogging :) excited to be following along :)

  5. Omg I just love you. You are so gorgeous, you do anti-gravity yoga, and "I am a believer that a hot pair of shoes and good hair/makeup day can make anyone feel like a million bucks!" HELL YES HONEY.


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