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Routines Part I: Morning Madness

There are days where I am running around like a toddler who ODed on pixie sticks. Running from one place to the next with no signs of slowing down. As mentioned in yesterday's post, I am a woman of many hats as I'm sure you are too. In order for me to wear these said hats and not loose my head in the process (because what good would that do?!) I have a routine, a way to organize and prepare myself day to day without fear of crashing and burning like little Peter the pixie stick popper!


1) If you wake up to an alarm and have to be somewhere by a certain time in the a.m. stick to a routine so that you aren't tearing through your house like the Tasmanian devil. Don't end up spilling coffee on your new white blouse, wearing 2 different shoes, and rockin that green smoothie in your hair because sleepy eyed little you conveniently forgot to put the lid in the blender, it's just not a good look...trust me.

How my morning routine usually looks:
-When the alarm goes off, get out of bed. Even if that means putting your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up and turn it off, get up! There is no point in sticking to a good routine unless you are going to follow it.

-Make coffee (which was prepared last night, just push the start button)
-Hop in the shower, get a cup of coffee and let the dogs out. Do hair, makeup, and get dressed (outfit picked out night before) let the dogs in and feed and water them.
-Make bed (yes, the bed is made every day, a habit my mother instilled in me every day since I was young)
-Make my breakfast smoothie (recipes found HERE), grab lunch from the fridge that was prepped on Sunday, and pour the rest of the coffee into a thermos to bring with me on my commute to work.
-Bags are packed and ready to grab and go, and just like that, out the door!

Meal prep-Sweet Potato Quinoa Protien Bowl With Avacado Lime Sauce Found HERE

Now I completely understand that everyone has different home circumstances and every ones routine will look a little different, whether you live alone, with children, with an elderly family member. I get it. But by trying to prepare yourself for the day as best as you can so you aren't running around like a mad woman saves you a ton of energy and a ton of time and makes your morning run much smoother and easier.

How do you save time and energy in the morning. What do you think you can do differently moving forward?



  1. I wake up early, thank pup! So I have plenty of time to read and relax before making breakfast then getting ready. I do try and make my lunch then night before with the exception of my salad so it doesn't get soggy. :)


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