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Yummy Healthy Fruit Dip

Have you ever purchased or made a fruit dip just to realize that it was full of sugars and/or chemicals that you can't even pronounce? Well now it is time to put an end to that! I have recently created a delicious fruit dip that is not only inexpensive, easy, and healthy, but also husband and kid approved!
What You Need:
A small dip bowl
Plain Greek yogurt

What You Do:
Combine all ingredients in your dip bowl to taste
Cut up a few apples

How easy is that! It's a great way to sneak some fruit into your kid's (and husband's) diet without canceling out the nutritional value with sugars and all that bad stuff!
What do your homemade fruit dips consist of?


  1. Love this, I mix sugar free jello in my greek yogurt to add flavor.


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