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Chalk It Up To Chalk

Chalk is not for just chalk boards and sidewalks anymore. Here are some tips on what you can use those dollar store packs of chalk for other than just doodling and lesson plans.

1. Keep silver shiny by sticking a few pieces of chalk in your jewelry box and/or utensil draw to help absorb excess moisture which can lead to tarnishing. Replace chalk ever few months.

2.  Draw a straight line by cutting a piece of yarn longer than your ruler and rub some chalk on it. secure the ends with painters tape and snap the yarn down on the item that you want to draw the straight line on. After you do what you got to do erase the chalk line with a bit of water or a cloth


3. Fix a sticky lock by rubbing some chalk on the top and bottom of your key. the powder acts as a drying agent, stops any friction and absorbs the oil  that can trap dust and dirt.

4. Repel ants by drawing thick chalk lines around the problem areas perimeter. Ants hate the calcium carbonate in chalk and/or the feel of the particles underfoot.

5. Make washable paint by sealing a few colored chalk sticks in a ziplock bag and crush with a rubber mallet. Add about 1 tsp of water at a time until the powder turns into a paint consistency. Use a paint brush and go crazy! Paint windows or even trees to point to the location of your garage sale!

Did you know there were this many tricks for chalk?!



  1. I didn't know any of these! Great tips! The silverware drawer one, I am going to have to try.


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