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Time Saving Tips - Vaccuuming!

We all look for ways to save time, especially when it comes to cleaning, so here is one of my time saving tips for cleaning.

When you break out the vacuum use it to clean EVERYTHING! Who said vacuums are just for carpets?

Dyson Vaccuum -- Breast Cancer Edition.. i am SO going to get this eventually!! Babe can deal with using a pink vaccuum lol
-No time to go outside and brush the dog? Vacuum him! It may take some time to get your dog to like this, but once they do it's totally worth it. They may even enjoy it!

-Vacuum your blinds. I hate cleaning the blinds on my windows, so to keep them clean I attach the brush to the vacuum hose n run it over them to keep the dust away. (This also works on all upholstery such as your couch and even mattress)

-Vacuum out the lint trap in your dryer. Not only does this help to keep it clean, but it may help in preventing fires. (Please make sure you always clean your lint trap after each load)

-Vacuum away spider webs. If you already have the vacuum out why not use it to clean the walls and ceilings, especially those corners that can collect dust and webs.
-Dropped jewelry or another valuable item under a heavy piece of furniture? Place panty hose tightly around the circular mouth of the hose with a rubber band and vacuum away under that dresser! The vacuum will suck up the item you are reaching for and the panty hose will prevent it from being sucked up for good!
Special Tip: Vacuum starting to smell a little stinky? Throw a few Downy Unstoppables in the bag and your house will smell like fresh laundry every time you vacuum!

Let me know what vacuum tips you have!


  1. Girl, I rely on my vacuum like no other! I even bought an old school dust buster to have in the car for when I drop things between seats! (Visiting from the link up!)


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