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Simply Irresistible!

Today I am bringing you a tasty treat. It is a healthy light dessert recipe that is always a hit, especially during the warmer months (if they ever decide to get here). It is vanilla poke cake and it is too yummy of a sweet treat to pass up!

Here's What You Need:
-Angel food cake mix
-Vanilla instant pudding
-Cool Whip

Here's What You Do:

-Cook cake according to the recipe

-After cake is done wait for it to cool a little and use the back of a wooden spoon to create "pokes" all across the cake.

-Make pudding according to recipe

-Before the pudding thickens, pour it across the top of the cake, filling up all of the holes.

-After the pudding has thickened, spread Cool Whip all across the top of the cake to cover it.

-Slice strawberries vertically and lay them across the top of the cake.

And there you have it! A delicious sweet and tasty treat. Enjoy!

Have you ever made this before or do you plan on making it?



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