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One thing that I have noticed that I have plenty of lying around are candles. I am a candle addict! Some of them come in such cute jars too that you actually feel bad throwing them out. Which brings me to today's quicky project!

Repurposing Old Candle Jars:

What you need:
-Used candles in pretty jars

To Do:
-Get your pretty candle jars and stick them in the freezer once you have used up all of the candle.

-After about an hour CAREFULLY take knife and press the tip into the candle wax with a little pressure.
-The wax should crack allowing all of the left over wax to pop right out.

-Clean out your jar with soap and water and then decorate as you wish.
-I used these jars as a little vase and spray painted the lid to the other one and used it as a pin holder for all of my sewing pins in my office!

Ways to use your empty jars:
-Q-tip / Cotton ball holder
-Glue to the top of a candle stick holder and use for a candy buffet display
-Hair tie / bobby pin holder
-For jewelry
-A vase
-Pen holder
-Use leftover wax from all of those jars you are using and melt it into a new candle

The possibilities are endless! So go home, get your used up candles, and get to crafting!

Tori G


  1. I have done this with my candles too but I used hot water. Candles are expensive so good to get a reuse out of them.

  2. LOVE the name of your blog!! Hello from the hump day blog hop! ;)

  3. How cute! And what a great idea. Sometimes the jars are so cute that I hate to toss them.


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