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Frames For Your Face!

With summer rapidly approaching (I hope!), it is about that time to start whipping out those shades and basking in the sun. But what do you do when you don't know which frames best fit your face? I know I've had this problem before and it use to take me forever to pick out a pair of frames that looked best on me. Well now just take a few notes on the below info and you will be set for summer fun in the sun!

A Heart Face:

When you have a heart shaped face your best bet is to go with a cateye, round, or wayfarer frame such as these:
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses_0
ChloƩ Boxwood Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses_0

Michael Kors Kate Rounded Oversize Sunglasses_0
A Round Face:

When you have a round face you should lean more towards oversized frames like so:
Tom Ford "Miranda" Sunglasses_0

An Oval/Long Face:
If you have an oval face chances are most frames will look great on you. From cateyes to aviators you can pull it all off!
Ray-Ban Original Polarized Aviator Sunglasses_0

A Square Face:

When you have a square face you are better off sticking with either a cateye or round frames like these puppies:
Valentino Rockstud Cat Eye Sunglasses_0
Ray-Ban Highstreet Round Sunglasses_0
Hope that helped you out. You can even take this handy dandy post with you next time you are shopping for sunglasses! Which shape sunglasses do you like the most and gravitate towards?
Tori G


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