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Crock Pot Monkey Bread

Today I am going to show you a very delicious and simple recipe that I remember baking with my mom as a kid.
Not only do you probably already have most of these ingredients lying around the house but it's made in the Crock Pot, so all you have to do is combine all of the ingredients, throw it in your pot, and enjoy the heavenly aroma until it's time to indulge!
1 tube Biscuits, I used Pillsbury Biscuits
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1/4 cup Margarine/butter, Melted
1 cup brown sugar
1. Cut biscuits into quarters
2. Dip biscuit pieces into melted butter
3. Put buttered biscuit pieces into the bowl of cinnamon and brown sugar and coat each of the pieces in the cinnamon and brown sugar.
4. Put the cinnamon and brown sugar coated pieces into your Crock Pot until you have all of the pieces layered in the crock pot. Pour the rest of the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture on top of the pieces that you placed in the Crock Pot.
5. Cook on low for 2 hours. Rotate a few of the top pieces to the bottom to make sure everything is evenly cooked. The pieces on the edges usually cook faster than the other pieces so just be sure to keep an eye on that.
6. Serve yourself a helping and try not to eat the whole batch in one sitting!
Have you ever made monkey bread before? have you tried it in the Crock Pot?


  1. ohhh yum! I haven't made it in the crockpot before but it is so good!


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