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Cash Money!

Saving money. We all want to do it, right?! Today I'm going to give you a few tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage. Whether you are saving up for a great vacation or just trying to put a little extra cash to the side, these pointers will certainly get your saving gears in motion!

75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run
1.) Get rid of that gym membership. Yeah you heard me right! I'm all for getting fit and healthy but now that the weather will be getting warmer, go out for a hike, ride a bike, go swimming! Get out of that stuffy gym and take advantage of Mother Nature! 

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2.) No more trips to the car wash. That's right! Whip out the hose and soap and wash that baby down yourself. It's that easy!

you had me at brisket // BBQ Beef Brisket With Coffee Cure
3.) BBQ. no more ordering in or going out to eat every chance you get. Now that the weather is nice grab a few items from the grocery store that you can grill. From veggies to steaks the possibilities are endless. Rather than going out, making your own meals will save you tons of money and are usually healthier too!

free yard sale free printables
4.) Yard Sale!! Don't just save money, make money! During your seasonal house cleaning go through each room and make a "garbage" pile and a "yard sale" pile. It's amazing how much stuff you hoard during the winter months and don't even realize. Hold a yard sale and whatever is left over you can either sell on eBay or donate!

Highly productive vegetable garden in limited space. (raised garden beds along side of garage.)
5.) Plant a garden! Think of how much you can save on fresh produce! It doesn't have to be huge but plant a few items that you know you will use. Start out with a small garden and work your way up each year. I plant a garden every year and the amount of tomatoes alone that I yield each time is astounding and a huge money saver!!

What are your money saving tips for the summer?



  1. I don't think I could part with my gym but i will be getting outside more. I am excited to start a container garden this year.

  2. It's scary just how quickly eating out adds up. The amount of food I could cook up for the same price as a dinner out is just astounding. And yet I still be super lazy and order out waaaaaay more than I should. Sigh, silly money blocks.

    Great post :)


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