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What's up?!

Hello friends! How are you? We hope you enjoyed your weekend! These past few weekends have been filled with nothing but work work work over in these parts, but it will all be worth it in the end when we finally launch our boutique. We can not wait one more second!! Shipments are coming in, the website is almost finished getting created, and we are meeting some amazing people and friends along the way...including you!

Painted Photo Bottles + we think you're awesome print - fun and inexpensive graduation gift

Just a little update. If you haven't signed up for our contest yet, now is the time to do so as it will be ending in 1 day. To sign up go HERE. Also, if you have yet to follow us on our social media accounts check us out here:

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On that note we have a few questions for you...What are you looking forward to seeing in the Cupcakes & Crossbones boutique? Do you have any children or do you know anybody with children that are a cupcakes kid or a crossbones kid? How old are they?
Have a great Monday!
Happy Monday ✌⛅☀
The Cupcakes & Crossbones Family