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Hello ladies and gents! Hope you all are doing well. Things have been going great over in these parts! We finally received a shipment that we have been waiting for which seems like for. ev. er. We were all like little children on Christmas morning running to see the presents that we received. When you see all of the goodies that we have in store for you, you will be amazed.
Currently our vendors are working hard, trying to get us everything that we need in record time and our web designer is hooking us up beyond belief.
From what I hear it is quite possible that our website should be ready by next week...we shall see = )
From there all we have to do is wait for the rest of our shipments to come in, update our logos, and put it all out there for you lovely people to view. GET EXCITED! We know we are.


The end of August will be here before we know it so we are going to go get back to work now, but we hope you all stick around to witness the excitement and surprises that we have up our sleeves. In the mean time feel free to follow us here....

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