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Hello friends!! Just wanted to fill you in on a quick update incase any of you are wondering where we stand at the moment. Cupcakes & Crossbones is growing bigger and better as the days progress. We are currently recieving shippments on most of our products as we speak. All of our social media outlooks are up and running and we are all hoping that you will follow along and join the family!

Cupcakes & Crossbones:
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As we get closer to our launch date you will notice a lot more action on our social media sites as well as our blog. We are all like little elves in santas workshop right now, building, working, and putting the final touches on the company.
Baby Elf
We could not be anymore thrilled with our launch date being right around the corner. We have some fun and exciting events, contests, and giveaways coming up so you certainly do not want to miss out on the action. Stay tuned for all the latest and greatest and be a part of a family and a lifestyle that is sure to make anyone a tad bit jelous.
The Cupcakes & Crossbones Family
Please email us with any questions at cupcakesandcrossbonesclothes@gmail.com