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Cupcakes & Crossbones, it's a f*ckin awesome name don't you think? Catchy, cute, sassy, yet baking is not the name of our game. 
So if you came here for tips on how to devise the most delectable devils food cake or concoct the creamiest custard pie, you came to the wrong place. 
I see the look of disappointment in your face, I mean come on, who wouldn't relish in the idea of diving face first into a tub of velvety butter cream frosting? 
I know I would.
But, I am about to serve you up something a whole lot better, A big heaping spoonful of kick assness (not a word? says who!?)
followed by a side of rockin tunes, topped off with some rock star mojo.
Rock star mojo?
Yes, I'm about to spread a steaming batch of rock star mojo all over this little piece of the internet.
What do I mean by that? 
Well, funny you should ask......
I founded Cupcakes & Crossbones for many reasons:
1. Musically inclined I am not but I sure know good shit when I hear it and see it.
2. I'm a firm believer in why the f*ck can't you at least look like a rock star 
 even if you aren't belting out tunes at a venue filled with screaming fans or smashing the hell out of a drum set until your hands are bloodied and callused? 
3. I swear by living confidently and kicking ass in everything that I do, or at least trying, and if I f*ck up? I get my ass up, dust myself off, and go at it again, even harder than I did the first time!
4. I love giving you guys a peek into the lives of those rock stars that you just can't live without.
Those chicks and dudes who get up on that stage each night in a different city and give you that eargasm that you've been craving 
 ever since you last belted out your favorite song of theirs in your car like no one was watching 
(but then you looked out the window and saw that elderly couple gawking at you as though you were possessed by an evil being, making the sign of the cross as they stare in utter shock and disgust) hey...shit happens, am I right?!
I love being able to connect you with people who have a passion for something other than being a compete douche canoe.
I'm here to bring you passion, drive, motivation. 
I'm hear to relay these talented individuals' messages to you via the internet.
I am here to show you that  
you can be the shit no matter what your passion is.

Your idols, your favorite bands, they are all here telling you their stories, I'm here telling you that you are capable of so much more than you think you are.
Learn from these people. see how they have gotten to where they are, or even use their mistakes as lessons learned. 
 Or, you can just follow along and see what shows we are stopping at next, what interviews are ensuing, how to rock the latest look, or grab that new album that we just announced came out.
Either way, I'm just pumped you are here and made it this far.
See ya at the next rock show you crazy little devils.


PS Want to get in touch with me? Sure you do! Contact me at Cupcakesandcrossbonesclothes@gmail.com


  1. I love this blog...great content and writing! Val, Editor in Chief/Co-Founder - RockRevolt Magazine

    1. Thanks Val! You Totally made my day! Please keep in touch =)


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